Friday, February 5, 2010

a mess of things

Dear friend,

How precious every little second is, and how much I wish I could reclaim what we've missed in the past. Maybe there was something in your smile that captured my heart, or the way you saw life: fears, insecurities, hopes, and dreams all bundled up into that first encounter with you. You taught me how to love life for what it is, and now I can see beauty, true beauty that which can only be appreciated with the sincerest and most genuine of hearts. So simple in its conception, but how difficult it is for some to imagine. Simplicity at its best, a single snowflake as it falls from the sky, a flower just about to bloom, a song with a distant melody heard through the crowd, a smile, and silence. Pure silence that rings with laughter and a song, singing along to your favorite song which warms your heart and inspires the muse within you to create your own art.

Love is a strange concept is it not? Poets, writers, and musicians have wasted away trying to find an answer for the whirl of emotions one word can bring. "Love is like oxygen. Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love." Will you call me crazy for saying that every day I believe in this more and more? Or will you embrace all that the world has to offer and open up your heart towards this four letter word.

Passion, love, inspiration, and beauty. There are not enough words to describe how I see life. So I will leave it at this. Maybe one day you will hear me singing and truly understand.


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