Saturday, May 9, 2009

Razzle Dazzle Them

I've always been a avid fan of musicals, the live action, music, and raw energy all make for a great combination of an awesome show of song and dance. But nothing beats being a part of the theatrical cast and crew, all part of one big family, one big very dramatic family.

My favorite and best memories of being a part of this family were the late night rehearsals, the frequent trips to D&D and McDs, and the absolute craziness that would have us laughing hysterically and screaming at the top of our lungs all in the single breath of a second.

So of course with my love of the theater, lately I've been listening nonstop to music from the acclaimed musical Chicago. A show set in 1920s America, it was the time of the Jazz Age: flappers, booze, and where everyone lived to the fullest and died young.

If you want to watch the movie here is the link to part one:

Scandalous and provocative, but who doesn't like a good story?

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  1. I was a dancer in our of all school productions in high school and there is something about the late night rehearsals and the pre-curtain huddles that make all that hard work worth it and so memorable...

    Isn't it crazy that even after being a dancer all those years, I never saw Chicago... I can't believe I even admitted that... Shame... I think this calls for a sisterly bonding date :P