Monday, November 30, 2009

Forever and Always

When you love someone so much how far are you willing to go to give them what they want? Agreeing to kill your loved one I'm guessing was not what you had in mind. But can it really be called suicide when your the one who pulls the trigger, your the one who agrees to end their suffering and pain just so that they can no longer hurt anymore. Murder? Suicide? Or both?

Romeo and Juliet were able to do it, without one the other couldn't live, star crossed lovers until the very end, one took poison as the other plunged a dagger into her living soul. But dying comes in all shapes and sizes, and wanting to die is even more complicated then the cold hard facts.

She hurt so much, the depression that slowly overtook her body was like an ever creeping shadow looming over her, haunting and teasing her until all she could see was the one escape she could truly have, a path really, her mind had been made up a long time ago, she just needed to see through the masquerade that had been her life. Step by step she walked down this path, telling the boy she loved what she planned to do. Willing him into helping her, but could he really do this? Would he? Should he? Love is a strange concept at times, they say if you love someone then set them free and if they really love you they would come back. But how do you bring the dead back? He saw the hurt that was in her eyes, the uncertainty and the fear, but it was not the fear of dying that was haunting her. And even though she never told him why, never explained why she wanted to commit this act of tragedy, never told him the burning secret she had inside of her for all these years, he agreed to help her, he held her on that last night, telling her how much he loved her and that he would always love her, he thought he could save her, talk her out of the terrible mistake she was about to make, tears and anguish and anger pouring through his body, trying to make her understand how much she meant to him. Then there was a shot, and everything went blank.

If you were chosen to be one of the twelve to be witnesses and judges to such a trial where would your verdict fall? Guilty of murder? But is it really that? Can it really be called murder? So where do you go from here? And suddenly it hits you, it's been right in front of you this whole time, staring at you, waiting for you to look up and acknowledge its presence, an absolution that cuts through the web of lies the world has thrown at you.

Truth. The truth is what you perceive it to be. But it is the truth nonetheless.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sex, drugs, and vampires?!?

New Moon is set to premiere next week, in celebration of this joyous occasion everyone should read THIS

Click, read, enjoy =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

No one mourns the Wicked

Ok, so new musical obsession. Who loves Wicked and can't stop listening to the soundtrack? *raises hand*

It's such a beautiful story of Elphaba and Galinda, their time at Shiz, and their trials and tribulations in Oz. Although it does contain some tragic elements, how Elphaba is just a misunderstood girl, with a pure heart and good intentions. Just listening to the soundtrack on my itunes on repeat does not do this musical justice, and a trip to NYC is definitely in the works to see this wonderful and absolutely amazing show.

And of course listening to Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth sing is totally epic.