Monday, June 1, 2009

On growing up and being home

It's my first summer home from being away at college, and while at first glance it may seem everything is still the same as I had left it that day in September, everything is not. My first year at college and already so much has changed in terms of my personal growth. A recent phone conversation with a dear friend bought to light the topic of letting what other people say or do get to you. We as human beings will always want to be liked and accepted, its just human nature and no matter how much we reason there will always be that little voice inside our heads questioning and asking the same question we have asked ourselves for centuries, "Are they talking about me? Do you think they like me?" We strive for acceptance, yearn for it, knowing that having it will just make everything alright.

But is this what we really want? Yes, knowing people accept you will make your life relatively easier, but should we let this fear dominate what we do in life? There comes a point where you realize, quite frankly, you just don't give a damn anymore. Going to college solidified my stance regarding this issue and you come to realize that petty little incidents and rumors should not get in the way of how you live your life.

Surround yourself with people you love and who you can laugh with until your eyes start watering and your cheeks and stomach hurt. And that my dear friends is the most important lesson I have learned thus far. <3


  1. I agree with you a hundred percent XD. Btw this took 3 attempts on my itouch to finally comment on your blog LOL. Kept freezing up

  2. OMGGG this is my 3rd attempt too h'omg . Anyways ...

    I used to have the same insecurities, but you're right--life is too short (and I'm too busy) to fetter about such things ! And while I don't think my personality hasn't changed much, my outlook on life has changed completely since I first came to college . I'm much more confident now, more educated, and while I always thought I was accepting, I realize now how narrow-minded I used to be (and I never knew!) I'm sure college will give you many revelations--some of which will be life-changing--in years to come . But while graduation may still seem far ahead, it will come FAST . With each year, time just goes by faster and faster, so cherish every moment (which I know is so cliche, but I mean it) ! You are such an awesome, loving, and intelligent girl and I love you little :) Keep me updated with your life . -- <3 Big